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NBA Draft and Individual Workout Training

Speed Strength’s Basketball Training Philosophy:

Explosive Power - Speed Strength utilizes specialized plyometrics and neuromuscular training techniques to increase first- step explosion, vertical jump, horizontal jump and repetitive jumping ability. Basketball players must become quick leapers with the ability to jump, land and then reaccelerate off the floor very quickly. Speed Strength's unique band training methods have yielded incredible results for players looking to attack the rim from well beyond the 3-point circle while taking only one dribble and two steps to do so. Our athletes have seen gains in vertical jump of 4 to 6 inches in just 6 weeks!

Increased Strength - Speed Strength will specifically design a lifting program tailored to the individual's needs. Whether the goal is to increase lean mass (add weight) or decrease total body mass (lose weight and build lean muscle) our performance team will work with the athlete to attain success! Basketball players must possess upper body strength to handle the physical rigors of the NBA game. Also, Speed Strength will prepare and train specifically for the NBA 's version of the bench repetition test with 185 lbs. Our training produced the former record holder in the bench test (JR Bremer) and has yielded an average gain of 5 to 7 rep increases in just 6 weeks!

Increased Endurance - Speed Strength will utilize a variety of conditioning tools (sand pit -running, agility and jump training; on-court specific training; and treadmill running protocols) to increase the athlete's anaerobic and aerobic capacity. Remaining sharp and fatigue resistant during NBA individual workouts is the number one goal of the Speed Strength training team.

Increased Skill - Speed Strength utilizes the expertise of former NBA coaches, players, consultants and instructors to prepare a prospect for the drills specific to NBA individual workouts. Speed Strength has become well known for displaying prospects through private workouts held in Chicago the week of the pre-draft camp in Chicago. Prospects will undergo a series of specific ball handling, shooting, one on one, two on two, post and perimeter training to better their skill during this crucial period.

The Speed Strength team recommends that each athlete train at least 4-6 weeks for optimal results. Each athlete's training schedule and focus may change depending upon the needs of the athlete.

What They Say About Us
"Eric and Tim were the difference in my selection as the seventh overall pick in the draft! Coming from Brazil, I never realized how many different methods of training can be utilized to increase speed, strength, jumping ability, etc."
~Nene 7th Overall pick in 2002 NBA draft 2003 and 2004 got milk? Rookie Challenge Selection

"Eric and Tim have an incredible amount of knowledge and information regarding the training of basketball players and athletes in general. They really know how to get you to your peak conditioning level."
~JR Bremer - Top rated athlete at the 2002 NBA pre-draft camp. Started as a rookie in the NBA playoffs for Boston Celtics


Montrezl Harrell (Houston Rockets draft pick #32) and Trey Lyles (Utah Jazz draft pick #12)


NBA Draft Combine clients:

Trey Lyles (2015 NBA Draft, 1st round Pick #11, Utah Jazz)
Montrezl Harrell (2015 NBA Draft, 2nd Round Pick #32, Houston Rockets)
Ben Simmons (2016 NBA Draft pick #1, Philadelphia 76ers)
Dejounte Murray (2016 NBA Draft pick #29, San Antonio Spurs)