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The Army All-American & National High School All-Star Combine

The National High School All-Star Combine ("NHSASC") dramatically improves college recruiting efficiency and offers student athletes opportunities that have not been there for them in the past.

NHSASC provides a very important step for the student athlete by exposing his results to every college in the U.S. and will enable the college recruiter to review more student athletes than before.

Why choose SPEED SRENGTH as your training destination?
Increase Vertical and Broad Jump (our training is proven and yields an average increase of 3” over 6 weeks and has produced 3 clients that have jumped over 40” at the combine or on their individual pro day)

Increase 40, 20 and 10 Yard Dash Speed (our training is proven and yields an average decrease in 40 time of .2 a second over 6 weeks)

Increase Strength-Endurance in the 225 lb Bench Test (our training is proven and yields an average of a 5 repetition increase over 6 weeks)

Increase Short Shuttle. Long Shuttle and L-Drill Speed (our training is proven and has produced 2 clients that ran under 3.95 seconds in the Short Shuttle and 3 clients that ran under 6.6 in the L-Drill)

Prepare for any High School combine with the nation’s top group of training experts and maximize your exposure and abilities to the entire college football nation! Performing at your best at these prestigious combines can secure your place and your scholarship to some of the nation’s top football programs. Please contact us regarding houing options for out of town athletes.

The Speed Strength Performance Team utilizes cutting edge technology and unique, proven training methods to better their clients in all facets of athleticism. Our team’s knowledge, creativity and experience are second to none in the industry! In addition, we have two former NFL players with 8 years in the league on staff. Our training focuses on developing the fast-twitch muscles through the use of Olympic style weightlifting, cutting edge plyometrics, heavy band resistance training, vibration training (i.e. Power Plate) and much more!

Due to N.C.A.A. rules and regulations we are unable to explicitly able to mention the names of current collegiate athletes that have trained under our guidance.
Speed Strength Systems consistently trains the top blue-chip college prospects from the north-east Ohio area. Many of these athletes have gone on to sign division one scholarships at many top schools across the nation.