The Midwest's Premier Athletic Training Facility • Est. 2000

NFL Roster
Running Backs
Chester Taylor (University of Toledo)
Tony Fisher (University of Notre Dame)
Robert Sanford (Western Michigan University)
John Hall (University of Toledo)
Marcus Williams (University of Maine)
Tony Sutton (The College of Wooster)
Greg Pruitt Jr.  
Jerrod Void (Purdue University)
PJ Pope (Bowling Green State University)
Marcus Mason (Youngstown State)

Wide Receivers
Michael Preston (Heidelberg)
Ted Ginn Jr (Ohio State)
Kenny Christian (Eastern Michigan University)
Lanier Washington (Marshall University)
Cole Magner (Bowling Green State University)
Terence Hudson (University of Toledo)
Steve Sanders (Bowling Green University)
Erik Davis (Vanderbilt University)
Tim Cheatwood (Ohio State University)
James Davis (University of West Virginia)
Khary Campbell (Bowling Green University)
Ryan Myer (University of Akron)
Matt McFadden (Weber State University)
Eric Mahl (Kent State University)
Anthony Jordan (University of Toledo)
Anthony Schlegel (Ohio State University)
Bobby Carpenter (Ohio State University)
David Thomas (University of Toledo)
Kyle McKenzie (University of Minnesota)
Pierre Woods (University of Michigan)

Defensive Backs
Todd Howard (University of Michigan)
Jerton Evans (University of Virginia)
Milt Bowden (Miami of Ohio University)
Nashville Dyar (Kent State University)
Justin Baugham (Kent State University)
Mark Graham (University of Buffalo)
Zach Norton (University of Cincinnati)
Joe Gonzales (University of Indiana)
Eli Ward (University of Minnesota)
Steve Cargile (Columbia University)
Justin Fraley (University of Minnesota)
Abe Elam (Kent State University)
Jerome Acy (Bucknell University)
Derrick Martin (University of Wyoming)
Keon Jackson (University of Toledo)
Donte Whitner (Ohio State University)
Nate Salley (Ohio State University)
Offensive Lineman
Ryan winters (Cleveland State)
Ulish Booker (Michigan State University)
Cedric Williams (University of South Carolina)
Jacob Bell (Miami of Ohio University)
Adrien Clarke (Ohio State University)
Mike Kne (Ohio State University)
Sean Poole (Michigan State University)
Ben Miller (Air Force Academy)
Chad Bartozek (University of Buffalo)
Antonio Gates (Kent State University)
Chris Holmes (University of Toledo)
Dave Petruziello (University of Michigan)
Matt Turner (Purdue University)
Adam Stenavich (University of Michigan)
Rob Sims (Ohio State University)
Ed Blanton (UCLA)
Brian Bell (Kent State)

Defensive Lineman
Antwan Lake (University of West Virginia)
Antwan Peek (University of Cincinnati)
Omari Jordan (University of Buffalo)
Dante Booker (University of Auburn)
Sean Lazarus (University of Michigan)
Roy Attiah (Kent State University)
Pierre Wilson (Kent State University)
Ryan Terry (Miami of Ohio University)
Mitch Crowsley (Bowling Green State University)
Alex Ofili (University of Michigan)
Barry Cofield (Northwestern University)
Matthew Rice (Penn State University)
Ben Ishola (University of Indiana)
Danny Muir (Kent State)
Jermaine Reid (Akron)
Due to N.C.A.A. rules and regulations we are unable to explicitly mention the names of current collegiate athletes that have trained under our guidance.

Speed Strength Systems consistently trains the top blue-chip college prospects from northeast Ohio area. Many of these athletes have gone on to sign division one scholarships at many top schools across the nation.